About Us

Smartt Beginnings

Smartt was founded in 1995. Back in the days when the only way to connect to the Internet was through dial-up or ISDN, Smartt partnered with TELUS to offer BC’s first high-speed ADSL access. Things went well for the first two years during the dot com and internet craze but in 2000, many companies went out of business with the crash of the tech industry.

The tech bubble bursts

Smartt was able to survive because it still offered many unique and innovative services that businesses could use.  Through it all, Smartt continued to offer exceptional support to its customers, creating many loyal clients.

A Smartt Change

In 2008, Saleh Tousi was given the responsibility of CEO. Looking ahead towards the future of the tech industry and the Internet, Saleh initiated organizational changes along with his long time college friend, Martin Wong. The creation of a new, state-of-the-art data center, expansion of the sales and marketing department, and increased activity in web development projects helped invigorate Smartt.

In January 2009, Smartt launched Arista Connect- a fast, reliable and best of all, affordable way for businesses to get super high-speed internet. This new service allows anyone in BC and Alberta with DSL access to get fiber-speed connections without having to pay the high costs.

Looking ahead to the future, Smartt is laying the foundation for services that will continue to be relevant and useful to businesses for years to come.